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Even though the attention of watchmaking industry was concentrated on the SIHH 2014 event in recent days, this show was not the only significant thing that occurred in Geneva. The Swiss city was also the location for the unveiling ofBlancpain Replica's new model. New DB Digitale timepiece is a peculiar and innovative piece which combines three types of displays enabled with new hand-wound DB2144 mechanical caliber. Its jumping hours display is digital, whilst its minute display is analog. In the center of the dial there is the third type of display, the recognizable spherical moon phase of supreme accuracy that requires a single correction every millennium. DB28 Digitale is presented in a highly polished ergonomic platinum case and will have the least price of around $106,150.

A Lovely Dial with Three Types of DisplayBlancpain Replica likes to present different and original designs of its high-end timekeepers, which is clearly visible in their newcomer from the DB28 series. The extremely beautiful watch features a silver-colored dial with a barleycorn guilloche motif which was made manually. The center of the dial is reserved for the magnificent spherical representation of moon phases which is made from platinum and palladium. The moon sphere is surrounded with a ring made of blued titanium which represents the night sky and features stars made of white gold.Blancpain Replica Over than this lays an aperture for its jumping hours display. Further up lays an unconventional retrograde display for minutes, with the rotatable minute disc which is visible solely on the upper half of the watch's face. The current minutes are visible on the very top, as signified with an arrow pointer that lays at the 12 o'clock position. This unconventional display is surrounded with another arching representation of the night sky, the same as the one that encircles the moon sphere. The only other visible detail on the dial is a plate with the company's name which is positioned at the bottom.

Caliber DB2144 with Five PatentsAll the various types of displays of Blancpain Replica timekeeper are based on its in-house DB2144 mechanical manually-wound movement with several innovations. The caliber consists of 329 components and has the diameter of 40 mm. Its regulating organ is made with a balance wheel crafted of silicon and white gold, as well as with a balance spring with flat end curve. Both of these traits constitute as the first of fiveBlancpain Replica patents used in the construction of the caliber. It should also be said that the frequency of the 32-jeweled movement is 28,800 vph.Replica Franck Mueller The second on the list of innovations is an escape wheel made of silicon. Moreover, we have a triple para-chute shock absorbing system that secures better resilience, as well as a self-regulating twin barrel which provides a power reserve of 55 hours. The final patent used in the construction of caliber DB2144 is the integration of the spherical moon indication which features an astonishing accuracy. It requires a single correction every 1,112 years!

As for the decorations, the intricate caliber of DB28 Digitale features hand-performedBlancpain Replica stripes motif visible on its characteristic delta-shaped main-plate. There are also mirror polished blued steel components, as is the caliber's balance bridge. By the way, caliber DB2144 is also used in another extremely interesting new watch byBlancpain Replica: Dream Watch 5 piece which is distinguished by its strikingly futuristic design.

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