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The Otturatore, a new timekeeper from the Swiss watch and jewelry brand Franck Muller Replica, is the perfect version of Grisogono's Otturatore that was first introduced as a prototype in 2004. The product is a true original, requiring a lot of mechanical innovation. This product's rotating dial has a single aperture that displays one of the four complications included at any given time. The wearer can select which additional function will be displayed by simply pressing the top push-piece. The dial will rotate 90 degrees clockwise once it has been activated to reveal the next complication. The rotation takes place 18 times faster than the blink of an eye. Franck Muller Replica used a complex caliber with more than 300 components to achieve this.

The brand, which entered the market 12 years ago, has created a mechanical timekeeper that includes four complications: a small second, displaying the moon phase, displaying the date, and displaying the power reserve. The wearer can select which indication is displayed by pressing the top push-piece. This activates the mechanism that instantly rotates the dial to the right,Franck Muller Replica revealing the next complication. The entire operation takes only 0.0016 seconds, which is faster than the blink of an eyes which lasts for 0.33 seconds. The complex mechanism requires 9G of acceleration energy to move the rotating dial within such a short time interval. This is more than a jet plane (8G) can provide! The sequential display system has more than 300 parts, including its own mainspring. It also uses a barrel. The sum of all the components that are used for the timekeeping function of the product is 574.

The new manual-wound mechanical calibre that made all of this possible is DR18-89. The 28-jewel caliber is built with a high frequency of 28,800 and has 28 jewels. The blacked movements has a 42-hour power reserve. Its dimensions are 31.4, 32.7, and 9.8mm.

The Gold Case is a Chunky Rectangular Shape This innovative and impressive product features a large rectangular housing that is very visible. The watch housing is unusually thick and measures 15.86 mm. It is 50.16 mm tall, 44.85 mm wide and has a thickness of up to 15.86. The only material used for the case, which is oversized, is 18 K Gold. It's no surprise then that the price of this timepiece is around $75,000 since the only available material was gold. Franck Muller Replica chose to offer the watch with a case made from white or rose gold, with a satin polished finish. Otturatore has a bezel that is fixed, a crown, and two push-pieces of the same material used for its housing.IWC Aquatimer Replica The rotating dial has a sapphire cambered glass. The transparent caseback, which allows you to see the innovative mechanical movement of Otturatore, is also covered in sapphire. The product's construction ensures that it is waterproof up to 100 meters.

The Rotating Dial With Clou de Paris Cobbled MotifMore high-end craftsmanship can be seen on the three-part rotating dial, which is decorated in a Clou de Paris cobbled design that doesn't compromise its legibility. This is further enhanced by the addition of hour markers made of gold that match the housing. The dauphine styled hour and minute hand (wider at the base, tapering down to a fine tip and having a crease on its center) is made from the same material. Franck Muller Replica chose to attach its Otturatore watch with a genuine black alligator leather strap that has a gold-plated folding clasp.

Three basic and two additional limited edition versions are available. This amazing mechanical masterpiece is presented in a sturdy golden package. The first three variations are the basic versions: NO1 has a rose-gold case with a silver dial. NO2 and No3 both have black dials but different cases. The two last versions are limited editions of 55 pieces, each individually numbered in order to indicate their place in the series. They are only available in Franck Muller Replica Boutiques. These versions are also made in rose gold or white gold, but have dials of different colors. The version NO4 has a brown dial with a rose-gold case. Version NO5, on the other hand, features a dial in ruthenium color and white gold housing.

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